Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Ray Of Sunshine

I love this prompt. I've tried to fill this week with some metaphorical sunshine, even if we have only autumn sunshine outside. I love this time of year however, where there are dazzling days but cooler, crisper mornings which necessitate a big woollen scarf and make you want to gulp the air in while walking to work {or that part might be just me!}.
 I have tried to challenge myself this week. We shall see how these things turn out but one of them has been starting a boot camp. I have never done such a thing before and have run the gauntlet from pain, disbelief, to actually feeling quite good. It's only week 1 though! Hopefully, now I have said it in public, I'll be shamed into finishing ;)


  1. Cool lense flare !! ;-)

    And yeah to bootcamp !! That's great to challenge ourselves. Congratulations to you !

  2. beautiful photo.
    p.s. good luck with boot camp!

  3. lovely shot good luck with the boot camp.

  4. lovely shot ;-)
    good luck with bootcamp ;-)