Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Housebound on crutches is bound to make a person introspective...I've been thinking about my life on the other side of the world from home and where it is going to take me next...and also wondering why I am homesick and still never get tired of travel. If I won the lottery, I would totally go round the world several times over and I have no qualms about returning to places I've visited and loved. This surprised a friend I talked to yesterday, who was discussing how we were making the most of NZ in case we never returned....but it had never crossed my mind I'd leave one day and never return. I am more like 'seen it...liked it....wonder when I can get to go back ...!' This wanderlust probably explains why I am so poor :) This scanned film photo is one of my favourites from a great holiday with my lovely folks when I was 18..hopefully I'll wing my way back to San Francisco again someday soon :)


  1. Funny...that photo is the perfect picture for an introspective post...very moody and cool.

    And I am the same with traveling. I always assume that when I fall in love with a country that won't be my last trip there!

  2. Beautiful shot! I feel the same way - I dream of travelling the world with a camera and a notebook. I love returning to places I've been - there's something exciting about the familiarity of a place and feeling like you belong there tied in with the prospect of new discoveries (thats why I'm poor too!)

  3. First, really nice picture. During my trip in California in September we first stopped in San Francisco. I loved to see this famous bridge. It is really beautiful. And it's funny because we never saw it once without fog... just like in your picture !

    Then, I do understand so much what you are saying about travelling. I always wanted to travel. I can't explain why. I knew it was for me and I was right. I knew it for sure when I spent 6 months in New Zealand. I loved this country so much. And I know for sure that I will come back. I need it.
    I am now in NYC since June 2010 and at the end of November I will leave. In a way, I feel sad to leave this place I love so much and in another way, I feel like I need a change. I think I will go back to NY but I am pretty sure it will never be the same. It is just like if I will turn a page of a book...

  4. Thanks everyone :) :)
    (and I am glad I'm not the only one...you're right Helen somewhere being familiar almost makes it more fun to explore!)