Friday, November 4, 2011

Simple Things

Twelve Project November....soft/ white, pink, pastels

When you have been stuck inside and pretty much immobile for a wee while (not very long, but I am impatient!), it is the simple things that make you happy- well me anyway! Getting outside in the fresh air, sitting in a cafe gossiping with friends and eating nice food. These are fresh out of an old film SLR recently found in my 2nd-hand shopping adventures, an old Canon EOS 500 with a 35-80mm lens ($20!!) so I put some cheap film in it and gave it a try.


  1. Oh gosh... I really need to seriously think about looking for a film camera. I love so much this old touch that film gives to the shots.

  2. Wow. Those flowers are amazing! I love shooting film as well :)

  3. Thanks ♥!

    (Marjolaine, this camera was so cheap second-hand, is op-shopping {thrifting?} popular in the US? It only cost me $20!)