Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Wardrobe Of My Own

So, continuing in the spirit of a more creative month, I have been making myself clothes. The birthday/Christmas fairies kindly bought me two new patterns and serendipitously, I started reading this blog series.

You are not what you look at. {The Wardrobe Architect}
I really like the idea of a personalized wardrobe, where you know the history behind every stitch. In fact, since new year, every time I have gone to try on something in the sales, I found myself stopping short and wondering where has this really come from and why can’t I make my own? It’s kind of a lofty ideal I know, but I’ve started the month of by making these two new tops. I have still got to learn how to fit better, but it makes me so happy to wear something I have made myself.


  1. Those tops look lovely! I'm always drawn to stripes. I just think they are so classic :)
    I'm excited to see more of your sewing endeavors!

    1. Ooh thanks! :) I definitely have a thing about stripes- have just made a striped dress though so need to branch out ;)