Sunday, March 10, 2013

Good food, quiet times

This weekend hasn't all been about food, but almost :) There have been pot-luck dinners and especially social brunches that have evolved into long afternoons at the beach. We had the best flat whites from here and brunched here and while everyone's food looked amazing, I loved my 'empire eggs'- poached egg on cumin & coriander lentils, with relish on the side. Hmmmmm. 

Our endless summer heat has cramped my cooking style, but getting new ideas for yummy food made me resolve, now I have moved house and have a nicer, airier kitchen, to become a domestic goddess. I kicked it off right away this morning with a birthday party batch of Nigella Lawson's brownies. If you have never made them before, you need to. They are insanely good. The measurements in the recipe make a huge batch though, so next time I would halve it as I had brownie mix everywhere- I ended up improvising and making some of these brownie 'pots' when I ran out of tray-space! Soooo good though- everything will seem/feel/smell better for these brownies :)
The recipe is from, aptly, How To Be A Domestic Goddess, which is a gorgeous cookbook. 


  1. My weekend was all about food. LOL. Anyways, I randomly found your blog this morning and wanted to say "hi"
    :) Liz @

    1. :) Food weekends....always good! :)