Thursday, March 21, 2013


Week 48

I never tire of taking pictures from the ferries in the Hauraki Gulf. This second shot I seem to take so many times; the first one is departing Waiheke Island {on a recent weekend}.

I know it is obvious but New Zealand is pretty darn far from everywhere. Not just some places, it is literally in the middle of nowhere. This distance is kind of what makes it great in some ways {unique...natural beauty....} but it is tough sometimes when you are an immigrant, which I guess I am; then again, as options loom, contemplating leaving and being far from here for a while is also a tough call. Geography sucks sometimes!


  1. Cool shots of the boat wakes. Love the black and white - nice touch.

  2. These are my favorite kind of distance shots! You see, we have a boat.. and when we go sailing, I love to watch the foamy trail we leave behind.
    Excellent take on distance! Thank you for sharing.