Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday afternoon

The Sprouted Kitchen (Sara Forte)

Nigellissima (Nigella Lawson)

Taking pictures of a stormy beach seems to have cursed our Sunday weather, as there is some wild wind here today! That, combined with frantic post office trips for make the last Christmas post for the UK, means my day has been camera-less so I decided to take some pictures indoors in the weird stormy light. 
My new years resolution is to become a more exciting cook- thanks to the library {I love the library here!}, I am going to get some evening inspiration from The Sprouted Kitchen and Nigellisima. The Sprouted Kitchen has some gorgeously different healthy-sounding recipes; Nigellissima is less vegetarian friendly at first glance, but when you read through actually has some yummy options- but I just love her cookbooks anyway- I think I can try some treats from here out over the Christmas season. 
I have to say, in real time tonight, it will be painting my nails and watching Offspring on TV but at least I will be thinking about improving myself! :)


  1. Those recipes look so delicious!
    This really is the best season to try new recipes :D

  2. This weekend included some nail painting for me, too! Always a fun idea around this time of year. I went with gold!

  3. I love those OPI colors!
    And good luck with trying new recipes :)

  4. Nigella is awesome! And those colours look amazing!! The OPI ones. So summery!! And sweet. It reminds me of cotton candy!