Thursday, April 19, 2012

Milford Sound - on film

There's not much I can say about Milford Sound without using too many superlatives, but majestic is the word. It has been one of those places which match up to the beauty you imagine before you visit. The 5 hour trip from Queenstown in itself is spectacular- the road from Te Anau through Fjordland National Park, cutting down through the Homer Tunnel, is the only way in/out...and this is the "accessible fjord". Our 2 hour boat trip, sometimes with the old sails up, was glorious, going right out into the Tasman and back, nosing into waterfalls and past sleepy seals and watching the sun start to go down over Mitre Peak. My photos are all quite sun-bedazzled but I don't care- and the South Island is pretty much made for Kodak Portra :)

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  1. Majestic is the perfect description. I love that waterfall.