Sunday, March 11, 2012

To Autumn

Today really has felt like the beginnings of the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. While not exactly cold, it has been wet, grey and muggy, with a mist rolling in off the sea to meet the rain and the sun never quite making an appearance. It has been as if we have been underwater all day and not quite camera-proof weather. But I have been determined to take some photos today, to show for my wet-weather adventures. 
The Degas to Dali exhibition at the beautiful Auckland Art Gallery was great. I wish I had been allowed to take pictures, although I did find a postcard of one of my favourites, Gustave Courbet's The Wave {I liked the fact he seemed a bit of a rebel too}.
♥  Being engrossed in Claire Tomalin's Charles Dicken's biography on my Kindle and John Keats' Complete Poems & Letters, thanks to a bargain sale at the wonderful Unity Books
♥  My pride and joy for Sunday evening....making my own book bag out of lovely vintage cotton on my beloved cheap new sewing machine. It hasn't come out too badly.
Bag in full glory, courtesy of my ipod, before I stuffed it with books & pens!

♥  Chocolate hobnobs, sent by my lovely Mum & Dad, dunked in hot tea. Nothing beats that :)
 Autumn seems quite a glorious possibility after all that! :)

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