Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sport Crazy

I now live in a nation where sport is royalty. Nothing proved that more than living here for the Rugby World Cup but really and truly, sport is an ongoing affair here. The past couple of weekend have been all about sport so I feel as if I have dosed myself up and become a proper Kiwi native as I have attended {and been talked though/reminded of the rules for} Rugby Union, Cricket and Rugby League. The latter is probably my favourite but they were all good fun- this despite New Zealand being hit by some crazy end-of-summer storms and a "weatherbomb", hence leaving all but my old faithful point & shoot camera at home. I thought that weatherbombs might be a New Zealand invention but I Googled it and it appears to be an actual weather term...for massive storm with hurricane winds and high seas basically! Only NZ can go from that one day to sweltering heat and bright sunshine the next {as in photo 3} :)

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