Friday, February 24, 2012

To the baths

I have to say I am so glad I discovered these photo prompts. This week it's current inspiration...and mine is swimming. It is doing wonders for me, even though I am easing myself back into a routine. The rhythm of slicing through water has quite an hypnotic effect on me, I seem to be able to sort out my jumble of thoughts in the space of a few lengths. I love swimming in the sea but as a close second, I have a local saltwater swimming baths. They are gloriously colourful and old-fashioned and just all kinds of lovely- you feel as if you need a frilly bathing hat! I had 2 exposures left on my last film to try and capture it on my last visit...and then felt like an oddbod for having a camera at the swimming pool first thing in the morning! So these are very obscure shots- I am sure I will be back soon to try for better ones!

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