Monday, January 30, 2012

Long long weekends

This could have been one of those weekends where stresses piled up and overwhelmed the break. It almost was. Then the sun came out today. Brunch, friends, reading on the beach and a swim in the sea. Swimming in the ocean can make many a trouble fade away.

I finally parted company with the addictive The Hunger Games and re-read Maeve Binchy's Copper Beech for the first time in years as a perfect antidote, like pulling on an old jumper. Have also been reading One Day, in good ol'fashioned book form, much-recommended by so many people. I can't say I'm really fussed with it so far...a huge sweeping non-statement I know, but it's just a bit meh, well-written but I don't much like the characters in the way I think I'm supposed to. Perhaps it will grow on me.


  1. I didn't fall in love with One Day either. Same for seemed overhyped. I did adore The Hunger Games though!

    1. I like One Day less and less though haven't finished yet- it's a beach book. The Hunger Games was worth the hype I think, so addictive, I raced through the 3 books in days! :)