Friday, December 2, 2011

A whole world in a book

I used to take this idea quite literally when I was a little 'un and read the atlas, learning capital city names and generally plotting my world travels. There was no hope from there really! But I am also an incorrigible, lifelong bookworm.

One silly thing I do miss being 'on the road' are my books. Now, don't get me wrong, I know that in the grand scheme of things, books are a luxury and you can indeed live without them- I have never taken my bookworminess {if there is such a thing!} for granted. But I do miss being able to re-read my favourites and how reading one new thing can open up so many other ideas- I always have quite the long want-to-read list. However, books are very expensive in New Zealand. We're talking $30-40 for a paperback, in my experience. At least it has made me quite a library user, which, although you can be 500 people down the list for popular new releases, is not a bad habit for a bookworm. 

Obviously this 'booklessness' is a fair trade-in for getting to visit and live in places I used to read about...but I am looking forward to stocking up during my Christmas home :)


  1. I too, am a bookworm and have been trying to cut back on my spending. I find myself being more thoughtful of which book to really buy. The library is such a great resource. I hope though that you are able to pick up some gems when home!

  2. @alexandria: True, I'm glad I've become a library advocate. Although a friend sent me a book called 'Howard's End Is On The Landing', in which the author aims to read only from her own books for a whole year- I'd like to try that someday too! :)