Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday afternoon

Weekend adventures have been recorded on film but I am proud enough of my baking creation today to record for posterity....

They are the vegan raspberry-and-soy-choc-chip muffins from Martha Goes Green. This whole cookbook is amazing but these muffins are so easy to make and so delicious- they really are a people-pleaser with minimum effort. Winning recipe all round in my opinion! I had a hard job saving a 'prop' :)

The sun-setting light wasn't the best but with a pot of tea brewing there is no way the props will last till morning!


  1. Those muffins look so good!

  2. Those look good! Makes me want to do some baking of my own.

  3. Honestly this recipe is so easy to make and they are so yum- they literally vanished :)

  4. Oh my god, I cannot possibly handle seeing this deliciousness right now. So hungry.