Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't Dream It's Over

At Captain Cook's Wharf

So, the Rugby World Cup has finally finished, with the best possible result, an All-Blacks victory :). I am looking forward to getting my films developed as even my dodgy point-and-shoot pictures are fun- and they seem to sum up the blur of good bands, good matches, good times and even better fan costumes. 

At the final match, which we watched outside in a packed fanzone, the tension was palpable. I had a severe case of the camera shake and once the frenzy started at the final whistle- forget it. But I still like the expressions in this one, where I aimed for a funny-costume-shot to avoid looking at the match, and missed. The faces kind of say it all.

Bybye RWC, it's been immense, I'm glad I was here....

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